Our clothes aren’t what’s referred to as being fast-fashion, i.e. we don’t design or produce clothing to be disposable, as we’re not trend-led and so our garments can be worn year after year after year. However, that’s certainly not to say that we aren’t taking our impact on the environment seriously; we’re moving forwards in lots of areas in relation to our impact on the world, and environmental factors will absolutely form part of our future sourcing strategy.

In order to bring you such a wide and varied style of clothing we use suppliers and manufacturers that are based all around the globe; goods can be sourced from as far away as Nepal to as locally as Denmark. Operating in this way allows us to present collections that are styled by a healthy range of global influences, which is one of the factors that makes Joe Browns so different to the majority of the clothing and accessories that’s available on the high street. Regardless of where goods and inspirations are sourced from however, all our trade suppliers must operate their businesses ensuring that practices such as those below are followed:

* The use of any child labour is totally unacceptable; all labour must be above the legal age

* Wages and employment benefits must be equivalent to the local standards and compliant with local legislation
* Safe working practices and conditions must be provided for all employees
* Hours of work must be reasonable, unforced and with proper rest breaks given
* There must be no use of forced labour in any way; all employees must work on a voluntary basis
* There is no discrimination practiced
* Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected
* No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.

With regards to products, we do use materials such as leather and timber in some of the products that we sell and you will, for example, find that we usually stock a few leather jackets in each collection and that we’ll often feature bracelets and necklaces that are made from timber, although any products that feature materials obtained from animals or natural resources are always sourced ethically. Any timber that is used for products that feature in our collections is sourced only through suppliers who can provide certificates to validate the fact that they source their materials through schemes such as the FSC – the Forestry Stewardship Council – which enables us to be sure that the practises used to obtain the timber required are done so ethically.

We’re constantly attempting to improve the way that we work in relation to the effects that our products may have on both the environment and the people who are involved with them, and our Ethical Trading Policy is an on going process and one that we are continually working on with our trade suppliers to improve.

All of our suppliers, regardless of however large or small they may be, have signed the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code confirming that they abide by our ethical trading policies.

We do hope that this response addresses your enquiry, but please don’t hesitate to contact us again if there’s anything else that we might be able to assist you with. Thank you.